How Judging Blocks Your Best

“The Sage Perspective accepts every outcome and circumstance as a gift and opportunity.”

Shirzad Chamine, author of, “Positive Intelligence.”

Do you find Shirzad’s use of the term “gift” challenging? I don’t want to minimize the tragedies that happen in life. On the other hand, how many times have you heard someone explaining that their tragedy brought out the best in them?

We either spend our energy judging outcomes and circumstances or we see gifts and opportunities.

The ability to see gifts enables us to seize opportunities.

There are many things we can’t control but we can always control responses. For some of us it’s a matter of faith. Circumstances and outcomes express the hand of God. For others, it’s simple wisdom.

Discerning or judging:

Discernment means leaders decide if an outcome reaches the mark. Judging leaders, on the other hand, expend emotional energy pushing things away, rejecting. Shirzad indicated we never stop feeling strong emotions but we can learn to quickly move through them.

The block:

Shirzad explained that, “The Sage explores with great curiosity and openness.” Think of your orientation when you’re judging circumstances rather than seeing them as gifts. Is it open or closed?

Judging is rejecting not exploring.
What happens to you matters less
than your response.

Playing dead:

Is this approach passive resignation? What will be will be? Shirzad said, “Absolutely not.” Your Sage never rolls over and plays dead. In Positive Intelligence, Shirzad explains that the Sage always:

  1. Innovates and creates.
  2. Chooses paths that best align with deeper values.
  3. Takes decisive action. The Judge Saboteur warns against action. The Sage steps out.

“Every outcome and circumstance simply points to the first step toward the next positive outcome.” Shirzad Chamine.

What differences do you see between discerning and judging?

How do you move through pushing things away to finding the next positive step?

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