Eight Ways to Find the Key to Success

Misguided leaders think plans and programs are solutions.


People are always the key to success. People are solutions. Programs, systems, plans, and projects are dead words on paper until people give them life.

Spend most of your time developing the team.

Successful leaders go further than developing the current team. They constantly identify, recruit, develop, and integrate new talent.

Your future rides on those who haven’t joined the team yet. Current team members generate gradual growth; new talent exponential.

New talent:

  1. Sizzles in the pan?  A flash in the pan is just that, a flash.  High potentials stick to tasks and complete projects. Start small and see how they do.
  2. Receives instruction.  High potentials don’t simply listen to instruction, they seek it, embrace it, and grow. I like a little cockiness, but, know-it-alls aren’t new talent.
  3. Asks questions.
  4. Challenges current practices and levels of achievement. Don’t resent their intrusions. They aren’t new talent if they’re content with how things are.
  5. Organizational mission and vision ignites their passion. Watch their expressions when they talk the dream.
  6. Is motivated from the inside out, not the outside in.
  7. Wants to make a difference. New opportunities excite new talent.
  8. Fights to make it better.

Tip: Give those who haven’t performed a chance. See if they rise up. When they do, fuel their success.

Warning: Current team members are the biggest obstacle to integrating new talent when they’re stuck in their thinking and don’t want others to outshine them.

Tip: Look for people who are under-utilized and/or over-qualified.

Warning:  Don’t be seduced by the attractive, smart, skilled, or socially appealing. Look for character before window dressing. Potential is a matter of heart first, talent second.

How do you spot new talent? What do you look for?

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