Leadership Sherlocking

The last time you heard, “Got a minute,” it took an hour and you nearly got fired.

Magnifying glasses come out when things goes wrong.

magnifying glasses

Sherlocking what’s wrong:

Leaders become Sherlock Holmes when things go wrong.

Fixing what’s wrong matters because your butt’s on the line.

Deal with what’s wrong or your gone!

12 things successful leaders do when things go wrong:

  1. Call “what went wrong” meetings. Find out why.
  2. Make calls and send emails to the boss.
  3. Instill urgency.
  4. Explain what matters now.
  5. Make decisions quickly.
  6. Identify and resolve bottlenecks and failure-points.
  7. Assign responsibility.
  8. Devise plans to prevent it from happening again.
  9. Elevate accountability.
  10. Punish if it’s happened before.
  11. Have tough conversations. After all, your butt’s on the line.
  12. Take action quickly and persistently until it’s fixed. Don’t ease up.

Sherlocking what’s right:

The next time something goes right, run around the office asking, “Got a minute?”

Lousy leaders use magnifying glasses when things go wrong and wear blindfolds when things go right.

12 things remarkable leaders do when things go right:

  1. Call “what went right” meetings.
  2. Send emails to higher ups bragging about the team.
  3. Instill urgency.
  4. Identify behaviors that produce achievement and create success.
  5. Make decisions quickly. Action follows decisions. When leaders don’t decide, everyone waits.
  6. Identify expediters, multipliers, and progress makers.
  7. Assign responsibility for useful behaviors. Keep doing…
  8. Devise plans to keep success happening.
  9. Elevate accountability. “Let’s review our success plan next week.”
  10. Reward if it’s happened before.
  11. Have tough conversations. What needs to continue? How could we be better?
  12. Take action quickly and persistently until the next milestone is reached. Don’t ease up.

Warning: Don’t give trophies for participation.

Success requires fixing failure. But, along the way, celebrate imperfect progress.

Results and behaviors gain meaning when someone notices.

How can leaders “Sherlock” what’s right without creating complacency?