The Only Reason You Are Here

The simple, uncomplicated principle of success is you are here to serve. The better you serve – the more value you add – the more success you’ll enjoy.

  1. Reject distractions.  Anything that requires your attention and doesn’t serve people is a distraction.
  2. Stop the irrelevant.  Activities that don’t directly or indirectly serve people are irrelevant.
  3. Minimize structures.  Stop using systems and structures as excuses for not serving people.

You’re not selling products.  You’re serving people.

You’re not making money.  You’re serving people.


  1. Serving is an others-first activity. (The reason to take care of you is to enhance your ability to take care of others.)
  2. Serving is giving before receiving.
  3. Serving takes humility.
  4. Serving elevates everyone.
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Servant-leaders get ahead by helping others get ahead. It doesn’t take brains or talent to obscure the simple, complicate the clear, and forget the essential. You are here for one reason, serving.

What makes us reluctant to serve?

What does serving look like in your world?