15 Ways to Make Your Voice Matter

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Pathetic talkers – talk after listeners check out. Blabbing leaders have something to say and it doesn’t matter that people in the room have turned to bored, lifeless manikins. They keep blabbing.

Talkative leaders talk long past
listener’s capacity.

Distracting talkers – tweak, guide, correct, add, and adjust ad infinitum ad nauseum. They unnecessarily prolong meetings with irritating jabber concerning insignificant issues, for example. Their drivel often begins with, “And don’t forget… or one more thing.” Gag me with a spoon.

The need to matter makes leaders talk more but matter less.

Please hit mute. (All exhausted followers are cheering right now!) When was the last time someone said, “Please talk at me more?”

But there’s more:

Your voice has power for evil or good.

Make your voice matter by talking about
what matters, when it matters.

Talk more when:

  1. Listening occurred first. Listen with your ears and your heart. The more you need to say, the more you need to listen.
  2. People need affirmation. You matter most when speaking to hearts not heads.
  3. Talking connects you with others. Sharing your heart connects you.
  4. Issues are dodged. Call out elephants. Say the tough stuff.
  5. The top stifles the bottom. Confront authoritarianism. Free people.
  6. “What” not “how” is on the table. Leaders who explain “how” are in the way.
  7. You see the big picture and others don’t. (Inspired by a recent conversation with Peter Block.)
  8. Blabbers keep blabbing. Interrupt! Please!
  9. Urgency overshadows priority.
  10. Direction wanders.
  11. Values are violated.
  12. Information is needed and you’re the one who has it.
  13. Curiosity bubbles up. Talk to explore.
  14. Confusion reigns. Beware; more talking usually creates more confusion.
  15. You’re an introvert. The silence of introverts makes extroverts uneasy.

Bonus: Talk about others more than yourself.

From the other side: 10 Power Tips for Leaders who Talk TOO Much.

How can leaders make their voice matter?

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