20 Ways to Rouse the Flamingos

sleeping flamingos

People stop trying when it’s hard to get things done. Indecision and bureaucracy inspire slumber.

Successful leaders make it easy to get things done.

20 ways to rouse the flamingos:

  1. Don’t use a team when an individual is all that’s needed.
  2. Choose a path and make it work. Don’t keep making the same decision over and over.
  3. Focus on people more than projects. Ask, “What are you learning about yourself?”
  4. Instill self-confidence. Self-doubt slows everyone. Tearing down is easy. Bold action requires confidence.
  5. Greet new ideas with enthusiasm. “Tell me more,” is better than, “That won’t work.”
  6. Adopt a learner’s attitude.
  7. Launch quick, safe, small, and cheap.
  8. Identify what matters now. A clear picture of the future informs what matters now.
  9. Clarify the destination. Let others determine the path.
  10. Connect behaviors with purpose.
  11. Forget the big picture. Just get something done. Checking things off the list motivates.
  12. Hold high expectations. Low expectations suggest you believe they’re incompetent. People rise up when you believe in them. “I’m counting on you,” instills confidence.
  13. Affirm more than correct. There’s too much put down going around. Give at least three affirmations for every correction.
  14. Release rather than control.
  15. Expect and reward results.
  16. Honor effort.
  17. Set deadlines. “We’ll evaluate this next month.” Time limits energize as long as they don’t overwhelm.
  18. Over-listen; under-talk. Don’t interrupt.
  19. Solve the big stuff. Forget perfection. Constantly asking, “what about this,” deflates.
  20. Limit options. Stop exploring every opportunity.

Elevate serving:

We’re too busy to serve. Crammed schedules prevent people from helping each other. Elevate serving.

Grab a junior member of the team and show up to serve someone for an hour. Send an email that says, “Mary and I are showing up to serve you for an hour next Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.”

How might you put feet to some of these ideas?

How can leaders rouse pink flamingos?

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