Creating a Hoop Free Zone

Sluggish organizations require hoops before action. Dogs enjoy jumping through hoops, people don’t.

Hoops represent frigid control. Passion is inversely proportional to the number of hoops required. Hoops are roadblocks masquerading as protection.

Why it matters:

Fewer hoops fuel passion. Dynamic organizations eliminate controlling hoops and propel rather than stifle ideas.

“The harder it is to implement ideas the fewer ideas you’ll get.” (John Bernard, author of, “Business at the Speed of Now.)

Letting go:

10 components of letting go in ways that fire passion:

  1. Unmistakable clarity regarding short term goals and long term vision.
  2. Authentic respect for the talents and gifts of each employee.
  3. Consistent orientation toward yes within the constraints of goals and vision.
  4. Enlightened attitudes about failure.
  5. Processes that eliminate unnecessary approvals.
  6. Transform approval processes into reports.
  7. Complete transparency of whose working on what.
  8. Persistent training that teaches people strategies for moving ideas forward.
  9. Courageously unstop the flow of knowledge and information.
  10. Generously tell others the strengths you see in them in ways that excites their passions.

Getting started:

I’m completely sold on the power of taking small steps toward big goals. Avoid the tendency to minimize small steps because they don’t reach far enough. Furthermore, putting off small steps in the hope of finding that BIG step guarantees stagnation. Most importantly, big steps emerge while you’re taking small steps.

Authorize people to try big things in small ways and then report the results to everyone. Small steps are:

  1. Easy.
  2. Simple.
  3. Cheap.

A series of successful small steps justifies investing more resources.

Small steps make a big difference.


Have the hoops in your organization drained your passion?

What small steps move your organization toward dynamic innovation?


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