Escape from No-Man’s-Land

Transition is the no-man’s-land of “in between” where old hangs on while new is not yet. But, nothing really works.


The temptation of transition is going back. The pain that drove you to change in the first place doesn’t seem so bad, anymore. At the same time, painful uncertainties about the future rise like dragons from the mist.

New dream:

New dreams are conceived in a present that isn’t working. Products are outdated. Systems fail. The world changed but you didn’t. Or, you changed but your world didn’t.

Dreams are lights, emerging. They’re invitations without substance. They glide in our thoughts and fly on our feelings.

Dreams inspire us to pursue something new. They create transition moments. People and organizations that successfully navigate transitions – and life is filled with them – thrive. The inability to transition is like living in a dream where you’re running but can’t get away.


You feel stuck because new dreams crawl before they run but in the old world you already ran.

New competencies:

Current competencies are about the past but dreams are about the future. Dreams require new, unproven competencies.

  1. Remember the pain.
  2. Trust your passion to serve in new ways.
  3. Experiment. Say, “What about?”
  4. Live with uncertainty, for the moment.
  5. Consider mistakes and setbacks as new starting points.
  6. Talk with those who have navigated transitions.
  7. Reflect on your future.
  8. Read.
  9. Rest.
How can individuals and/or organizations navigate the no-man’s-land of transition?