Where Women Leaders Are Better than Men

I asked the “Freaks” that follow my Facebook page, “What are women leaders better at than men?

  1. Knowing when there is no value in fighting.
  2. Understanding when someone just has a crummy day.
  3. Understanding the pressures that other women leaders face.
  4. Organization and multitasking.
  5. Compassion.
  6. *Empathy.
  7. Tenderness.
  8. Building consensus, supporting staff, sharing credit, and leading from the middle.
  9. Networking.
  10. Emotional Intelligence.
  11. *Listening
  12. *Smiling through the pain.
  13. Focusing on details.
  14. Mission focus and *tolerance.
  15. Transparency.
  16. Simplicity.
  17. Valuing people for who they are not just what they do.
  18. Building relationships that last.
  19. Creating an environment where mistakes are not just tolerated but seen as essential to growth.
  20. What can you add, amplify, or illustrate?

Generalities and stereotypes that lock people in restrictive boxes belittle everyone. On the other hand, celebrating difference honors individuals and enhances organizations.

Note: Items are listed in the order they were posted on Facebook. An asterisk indicates that item was mentioned more than once.

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