The Most Powerful Thing Experienced Leaders Do

Helping young leaders get started and grow is the most powerful thing experienced leaders do. Growing young leaders changes individuals and organizations. Helping young leaders get started creates a universe of potential and opportunity that never existed.

Leadership success is always about developing people.

I have great news. Helping young leaders get started and grow is easy.

Number one:

Believing in someone helps them begin and grow in their leadership journey. Shame on you if you aren’t engaged in believing in the potential of others!

Treasure anyone who believes in you.
Become someone who believes in others.

Number two:

Karin Hurt, Executive Director, Strategic Partners Channel at Verizon Wireless, says, “Help young leaders know who they are.” Karin tells young leaders:

  1. Don’t label yourself too early. I hear labels when people say, “I’m not good at…”
  2. Understand the true nature of leadership. Leaders don’t control people they release them by helping them want to do something.
  3. Have confidence. In Karin’s experience confidence is a bigger challenge for young female leaders than males.

Four suggestions:

I asked Karin how she helps young leaders have confidence.

  1. Get to know who they are. The act of getting to know them is the first step. Feeling known, understood, and accepted enables others to share their fears.
  2. Talk about their fears. Talking may be all they need to find confidence.
  3. Find opportunities where you know they can succeed. Create small wins.
  4. Give stretch assignments after small wins.

Karin shared one of her most gratifying compliments. “You helped me figure out me.”

More suggestions from Facebook contributors:

  1. Give them opportunities to make mistakes.
  2. Teach them the value of transparent leadership.
  3. Teach them meaningful ways to give back.

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How can experienced leaders help young leaders get started and grow?