Getting to Different

Leaders see beyond the inevitable.

Leaders rise above “what is” to imagine “what could be.”

Defining leadership:

Leadership is causing the realization of a future that wasn’t going to happen anyway. Leaders say, ‘It could be different’,” Ron Kaufman author of, Uplifting Service.

The result of leadership is things are different. Ron would say there’s an “uplifting outcome.”

During our conversation Ron said, “Leaders …

  1. Look at things differently.
  2. Propose new ways.
  3. Remove roadblocks.
  4. Sustain enthusiasm. There is always wear and tear along the way. Who is the spark plug?”

Getting to “different”:

I asked Ron to tell me something that changed his life and he told me about leaving the U.S. during his Junior year of college to organize Frisbee tournaments overseas. When I explored it with him, he said, “I became open to new experiences.”

Being open:

Openness to new experiences enables leaders to see things differently (See #1 above).

Ron explained two expressions of openness:

  1. Listening to whatever someone is saying. Their background of concerns constitutes who they are.
  2. Accepting wherever they are coming from.

“The execution of leadership begins with the led not the leader – understand and appreciate others. Get in synch before offering suggestions.”


Power to change is built on the power of understanding.

Ron said, “Once you understand and appreciate others you have the opportunity to design a future that wasn’t going to happen anyway. How can you uplift – show possibility – and call them into action given who they are?”

Ron’s philosophy of life and leadership falls under one big umbrella, “We are here to bring value to others.” He reminded me the power of leadership is shifting from you to them.

How do you get to different?

How is understanding others a component of getting to others?

Bonus: Free chapters from Ron’s book, Uplifting Service.