The Four Powers of Gratitude


The gift of young leaders is unhappiness. The tragedy of old leaders is contentment.

gratitude frees

Unhappiness and discontent ignite passion for change.


Slime pits of ingratitude lie just beyond unhappiness. Nothing de-motivates like churlish ungratefulness. On the other hand, gratitude provides rich feedback that motivates forward movement.

Gratitude expels.

  1. Hate shrivels when gratefulness comes to play.
  2. Worry lessens with thankfulness.
  3. Unhappiness cringes in the presence of gratitude.
  4. Anger softens with thank you.

The 4 powers of gratitude:

  1. Freedom from the past. Bitterness binds; gratitude releases.
  2. Freedom to celebrate. Do you celebrate enough? No!
  3. Freedom to perform. Ungratefulness beats down; gratitude builds up.
  4. Freedom to connect.

The connecting power of gratitude:

People run toward gratefulness and away from ingratitude.

Thankfulness feels like love.
Ungratefulness feels like hate.

Gratitude invites.
Ingratitude repels.

Gratitude enhances impact.

Feeling or behavior:

Think of gratitude as a behavior not a feeling. Express it; don’t wait to feel it. Behave your way into the feeling. But, never lie.

Be thankful for:

  1. Challenges.
  2. Lessons learned.
  3. Progress.
  4. Consistency.
  5. Excellence.
  6. Opportunities.

Bonus: Be thankful for what you have.

Show me a leader who is ungrateful and I’ll show you a loser. Gratefulness answers the unhappiness leaders feel. Today’s challenge: tap into gratitude.

How has ungratefulness impacted you or your organization?

How has gratitude helped you?